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My name is Beagle Bailey. I'm 5 years old and live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Mom calls me her "furry toddler" - and I'm generally spoiled rotten by everyone. I spend most of my life either on the couch or in the kitchen bugging Mom while she's cooking. My best friend is a dachsund next door named "Shilo."

Unlike most beagles, I rarely bark or howl - unless Mom offers me treats to do so. Then I feel compelled to show off my deep beagle-baying voice. I can do a bunch of tricks, but only if Mom's paying up with food.

I love visitors both young and old and will generally sniff every inch of you if you come to my house. I'm a big kisser too, so watch out. I'm also the biggest manipulator on the planet, as evident by the fact I will have you giving me treats and petting my belly within 10 minutes of walking in the door.

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It's been a ruff week for me. Mom still doesn't have my favorite blanket washed, so I settled for a fluffy throw instead. That plus I only got 5,023 treats this week, instead of my personal goal of 6,000.

On a positive note, the toddler's getting tall enough to reach the treat jar for me. She's also been spilling her Cheerios all over the place, and I eat them up before Mom sees them and freaks out. Isn't that nice of me? We have a very symbiotic relationship going on in this house.

I was a really good boy this week. I only spent 22 hours of every day sleeping on the couch. Mom says I should get my lazy beagle butt outside and run around a bit. What does she think I am, a dog or something?

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I would like to thank you for visiting my website. Mom's going to try to keep it updated with new pictures of me. Just let me know if she doesn't, and I'll be sure to chew up her favorite pair of shoes.